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Company Growth

Our History

In 2010, IVS-Tech secured its first patent-AD-Film Technology, becoming an industry pioneer.

Founded in 2012, we’ve excelled in tech innovation. By 2013, our patent powered large-scale production, while 2016 saw us named a National High-Tech Enterprise. In 2019, our Nantong facility was completed, and we earned the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

In 2020, we introduced the world’s first 86-inch AD film and realized mass production.

In 2022, we’re still pioneering the future.

Versatile Solutions



In medical devices, our products are used for enhancing medical image viewing for accurate diagnoses, facilitating precise control of operating room equipment, and contributing to overall operational efficiency and patient care.


In the field of farming, our products enable precise monitoring of agricultural machinery, streamlined data collection for crop management, and easy access to critical information in the field.

Industrial Automation

In Industrial Control, our devices drive efficient equipment control, real-time production line monitoring, and process optimization, empowering precision and productivity.

Education & Smart Office

Our products foster dynamic and interactive learning experiences, making lessons more engaging. With vibrant, high-quality color displays, they bring educational content to life, promoting better comprehension and retention among students.

Media & Retail

They are lightweight, portable, and equipped with extended battery life, making them suitable for various military deployment scenarios. Whether on the battlefield or during training exercises, these devices play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful execution of missions.

Customer Benefits

Why Cooperate With Us

Customized Solutions

No matter where you're located or what industry you're in, our team of industry experts with a decade of experience is here to provide you with tailored solutions. Choose from our proven standard solutions or opt for an exclusive, custom-tailored approach. We're committed to delivering value that suits your unique needs.

Better Price-to-Performance

Our cost-effective products, achieved through in-house mold development and an exclusive roll-to-roll production process, deliver significant savings, increased production efficiency, and a consistently superior product quality.

Stable Supply Chain

As the exclusive industry provider with full in-house control over equipment, tooling, materials, sensors, touch panels, and all capabilities, we guarantee an unwaveringly stable supply chain. Your production stays uninterrupted, regardless of market shifts.

Reliable Partnership Experience

Serving industry leaders like AAA and BBB, our team combines over a decade of customer service and project management expertise. This wealth of experience ensures meticulous end-to-end service for you.