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Unique Micro Nano design and manufacture technology for tooling fabrication

With a commitment to excellence, we proudly provide exclusive touch technology solutions, including Transparent Conductive Film, Touch Displays, and Touch Panels, meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide.

Comprehensive In-House Capabilities

IVS – TECH is the only one supplier in the industry who has the in-house capability from equipment, tooling, material, sensor, TP to all-in-one product.

What We Provide


·Higher Silver Content Lower Resistance
·Narrower Circuit Width
·Best Folding Endurance
·Larger Size
·No Pollution, Green Product

·Thinner & Lighter
·Less OCA layer and Glue Lower Cost
·Narrower Frame
·Less Chromatic Aberration

·Optical Bonding Process Higher Light Transmittance
·Smoother Writing

·Super narrow frame
·Lower reflection design, ·readable under sunshine
·Super anti-impact and explosion-proof design
·Special shielding layer design
·Ultimate temperature design

Strong Capacity & Capability

Why Choose Us?

Highly Automated Production Line

  • Suzhou Plant:Class 100 – 200 ㎡ + Class 1000 – 6,000 ㎡
  • Nantong Plant:Class 100 – 1,000 ㎡ + Class 1000 – 10,000 ㎡
  • Our RTR process: 55 seconds/pcs for 86 inch, inside and outside circuit one-step forming

AD-Film Technology for Biggest Size Solution

  • Patent in 2010,The only one who has this technology in the industry
  • Green Manufacturing:Unique Physical Production Method, Zero Pollution Throughout
  • Lower Cost,Lighter Weight,Narrower Frame,Better Performance,High Compatibility

Comprehensive Services

  • Customized Solutions:20+ ph.d. experts rapidly respond to your needs based on market region and industry experience
  • 1-year warranty :Swift replacement or repair upon photo-verified issues.
  • Field Test:Experienced test engineer based abroad for field test / functional test at customer side