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Intelligent Solutions for Multi-Domain Applications( Enhancing Multi-Domain Applications with Superior Human-Machine Interaction)

IVS-T Touch Panel


Resistance < 3Ω,utilizes nanosilver wire technology.


>89% transparency, ensures clear display.


Offers up to 110 inches.


Meets HD standards (1920x1080).


Utilizes "subtractive manufacturing" for smooth surfaces and minimal environmental impact.

Flexibility and Durability:

Bendable, foldable, and long-lasting for diverse applications.


Integrates nanosilver wire tech for enhanced sensitivity and precise touch.


touch panel used in AgricultureIn Industrial Control, our devices drive efficient equipment control, real-time production line monitoring, and process optimization, empowering precision and productivity.



  • Special AR, AG treatment, ensure readable under sunshine
  • Special Ceramic Printing, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, no peeling off & fading
  • Support operation with water, no points jumping under rainwater
  • Work temperature: -45℃ ~ 90 ℃
  • Meet IK10


  • Fit for all kinds of thickness gloves
  • Professional industry touch chips
  • Professional EMC, EMI design
  • Professional color management, △E<1.5Size range 7 inch ~ 21.5 inch

touch panel used in Education & Smart OfficeOur products foster dynamic and interactive learning experiences, making lessons more engaging. With vibrant, high-quality color displays, they bring educational content to life, promoting better comprehension and retention among students.


  • Lighter design, can use FF structureSmooth writing
  • Support multi people operation in parallel
  • Super narrow frame – the narrowest frame in TP industry
  • Trace:20um/20um 55”: 5.7mm
  • Super thin – the thinnest TCF in TP industry
  • FF series film 0.468mm thicknessSize range 55 inch ~ 86 inch

touch panel used in Healthcare


  • Low specular and diffuse reflection design
  • Professional industry touch chips
  • Support medical gloves and gel touch
  • Anti-biosis
  • Support operation with waterWidely used in patient monitor, ECG, ventilator etc.

Remark: our product is used in Dräger ventilator,a famous Germany brand in Healthcare industry.

touch panel used in AgricultureIn the field of farming, our products enable precise monitoring of agricultural machinery, streamlined data collection for crop management, and easy access to critical information in the field.


  • Support operate with water, contamination
  • Reflection <0.5%, readable under strong sunshine
  • Stable performance in tough working condition –
  • Bumping, vibration, noisy
  • Support thick gloves
  • High temperature resistance, UV resistance, no peeling off & fading

Remark: One of our major customer, Fendt, top level landing machine in the world.

Customer Benefits

Why Cooperate With Us

Touch Performance:

Smooth touch experience, high drawing resolution, excellent IC compatibility, and high adaptability for stable operation in different environments.

Optical Performance:

High-quality image with high transparency, low haze, and minimal color distortion for clear and lifelike visuals.

ID Design:

Narrow or borderless design for enhanced aesthetics, making the Touch Panel a standout feature in any space.

Manufacturing Quality:

High automation ensures stable and reliable product quality, adhering to strict environmental standards for sustainability.

After-sales Service:

Zero recalls goal, rigorous quality control, and comprehensive after-sales support system ensure long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.

Usage Cases for Education

Interactive Presentations: Interactive Presentations: Ms. Johnson uses touch panels to deliver dynamic science lectures, easily navigate slides, zoom in on charts, and highlight key concepts with touch controls to keep students engaged.
touch panel used in education
Virtual Dissection: With virtual dissection software on the Touch Panel, Ms. Johnson offers hands-on learning. Students interact with the touchscreen to explore anatomy realistically.
touch panel used in education
Collaborative Learning: Students use the Touch Panel for group projects, brainstorming, drawing, and sharing directly on the screen, enhancing teamwork.
touch panel used in education


Strong interactivity:

Operate intuitively by touching the screen, providing a more natural user experience.

Enhanced efficiency:

Simple and quick operation speeds up workflow, improving productivity.

Excellent display:

High-definition display screen presents clear and vibrant content.

Strong flexibility:

Customizable functions and interfaces according to user needs, adaptable to various application scenarios.

High interactivity:

Supports multi-touch and gesture operations, enhancing the interaction experience between users and devices.

Discover the Touch Panel Solutions

Our advanced technology redefines interaction, offering seamless user experiences across various industries.
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Capacitive touch screens are more sensitive when compared to resistive one. Resistive touch screens require more pressure, and thus the responsiveness is less. Picture Quality: When it comes to sharp and clear picture, capacitive touch screens get the thumbs up.

  • Choose a resistive touchscreen if you need a cost-effective, durable solution that can be used with various input methods, especially in rugged or outdoor environments.
  • Choose a capacitive touchscreen if you prioritize high sensitivity, superior picture quality, and multi-touch capabilities for a smooth and responsive user experience.

PCAP touchscreens have emerged as the market leader due to their advanced technology and widespread use. Unlike resistive touchscreens, which rely on pressure, capacitive touchscreens utilize the electrical properties of the human body as input.

Modern PCAP touchscreens feature a wafer-thin conductive grid layer on the back of the glass panel. This grid projects a capacitive field through the glass. When an electrically conductive object, such as a finger, touches the glass, it alters the capacitance at the grid’s intersection points. This change is used to calculate the precise location of the touch.

PCAP technology is now the most prevalent touch technology, found in virtually all tablets and smartphones, as well as many large-format touchscreens. Its superior responsiveness and clarity make it the preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

Touchscreens provide a more efficient and user-friendly method of interacting with your computer. While traditional computer displays rely on a mouse and keyboard for input, touchscreen monitors offer a more intuitive experience. With simple gestures like pinching, swiping, or zooming, you can effortlessly open and close apps, enhancing the overall ease of use.

The drawbacks of resistive touchscreens include its inability to support multi-touch gestures, its poor visibility in direct sunlight and its lesser durability. The top layer on a resistive touchscreen is made of soft, flexible material which can be damaged much more easily than glass.

A capacitive touch screen is a type of control display that uses the electrical properties of the human body as input. This technology detects touch by measuring changes in capacitance at the point of contact. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how it works and its benefits:

How It Works

  1. Conductive Layer: Capacitive touch screens are built with a thin layer of conductive material, such as copper or Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), applied to the underside of the display’s insulating outer layer.
  2. Touch Detection: When a finger or a conductive object touches the screen, a small electrical charge is drawn to the point of contact.
  3. Capacitance Change: This contact effectively creates a functioning capacitor, changing the electrostatic field at the touch point.
  4. Measurement: The touch screen controller measures this change in capacitance to determine the exact location of the touch.
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