Transparent Conductive Film

Bigger, thinner, clearer to fit all your industrial needs


Narrower Circuit Width

Our transparent conductive film utilizes lithography technology for tooling during manufacturing, enabling the creation of devices with narrower bezels.

No Pollution
Green Product

Our factory have unique Ad-Film Technology(Patent) to achieve green production for TCF manufacturing.

Higher Silver Content Lower Resistance

Reducing the power consumption and improving sensitivity and durability for your industrial touch screen.

Best Folding Endurance

Our transparent conductive film ensures the optimal balance of user experience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness for you.

Better Performance of AD-Film

AD Film ITO Nano AgNWs Metal Mesh
<3 100 50 <10
Circuit Width 2-5um Etching Mark on Whole Surface Etching Mark on Whole Surface 8-10um (Large Size)
3-4 um (Small Size)
Key Process Add Process, Nano Ag Fulfill Pressed Circuit, No Pollution Reduction Process, Vacuum Plating + Etching, w/ Pollution Reduction Process, Laser Etching +Screen Printing, w/ Pollution Reduction Process, Plating + Etching, w/ Pollution
Flexibility Best Folding Endurance Not Foldable Foldable, but w/ Impact to Circuit Performance Foldable, but w/Impact to Circuit Performance
Product Size Max. 110 Inch <15 Inch <55 Inch Max. 110 Inch

Design and manufacturing

Product types

From small to large, our clear conductors fit glass of all sizes, powering general use, healthcare, education, automotive, and navigation industries. Let our transparent conductive film illuminate your needs for better industrial devices touch screen.


  • Small transparent conductive film
  • Middle transparent conductive film
  • Middle large transparent conductive film
  • Large transparent conductive film

Glass Material

  • Transparent conductive film made of silicate glass
  • Transparent conductive film made of alumina silicate glass
  • Transparent conductive film made of lithium silicate glass


  • Transparent conductive film used for general industry
  • Transparent conductive film used for healthcare industry
  • Transparent conductive film used for education & smart office
  • Transparent conductive film used for agriculture industry 
  • Transparent conductive film used for special applications

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-Indoor Industrial Touch Screen Display Manufacturer


  • Fit for all kinds of thickness gloves
  • Professional industry touch chips
  • Professional EMC, EMI design
  • Professional color management, △E<1.5
  • Size range 7 inch ~ 21.5 inch

-Outdoor Industrial  Display Manufacturer


  • Special AR, AG treatment, ensure readable under sunshine
  • Special Ceramic Printing, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, no peeling off & fading
  • Support operation with water, no points jumping under rainwater
  • Work temperature: -45℃ ~ 90 ℃
  • Meet IK10

For Medical Equipment, transparent conductive and industrial touch panel manufacturer


  • Low reflection design
  • Industry-grade touch chips
  • Support for medical gloves and gel touch
  • Anti-bacterial features
  • Water-resistant operation
  • Widely used in medical devices like patient monitors and ventilators
  • Used in Dräger ventilators, a leading healthcare brand.

IFPD, industrial touch monitor manufacturer

Transform your educational and office experiences with our advanced technology. Our interactive displays feature a lighter design with an FF structure for smooth writing.

Collaborate effortlessly with multi-user support and enjoy the narrowest frame in the touch panel industry, measuring only 5.7mm in our 55″ model. The precision of a 20um/20um trace capability and the thinnest touch control film (TCF) at 0.468mm thickness make our displays a sleek addition to any workspace.

Choose from sizes ranging from 55 inches to 86 inches and embrace innovation for enhanced productivity. Redefine education and smart office interactions effortlessly.

Our industrial touch displays deliver unparalleled performance, even in the toughest agricultural equipment.

Features :

  • Impervious to the elements: Water, dust, and contamination stay out, thanks to IP67-rated enclosures.
  • Crystal-clear vision: Sunlight-readability with <0.5% reflection ensures operators see data clearly, day or night.
  • Built for the long haul: Withstands shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures without flinching.
  • Durable design: UV-resistant materials prevent fading and peeling, so your displays stay sharp for years.
  • Trusted by leading  agricultural Machinery Manufacturer, including Fendt.

For Navigation, Aviation, and Rail Transit Equipment, transparent conductive film and industrial touch panel manufacturer

Navigation and Aviation Features:

  • Lighter design: Highlight weight savings and improved fuel efficiency. 
  • Film cover:Emphasize scratch and impact resistance for harsh environments within 6H
  • Stable performance: Underscore reliable operation in extreme conditions like water, dust, and electromagnetic interference. 
  • Readability: Promote visibility under bright sunlight with low reflection
  • Mature EMC, EMI design
  • Shielding options:  0.2hm-15hm available, thickness 0.3mm-1.1mm
  • Temperature range: -55 ℃~90 ℃
  • Customized heating: Tailor the solution to specific needs, like de-icing.

Aviation Features:

  • Super anti-impact & anti-explosion design
  • Anti-wear, anti-corrosion, water proof
  • High reliability, low radiation
  • Professional industrial chips
  • Super anti-EMI & anti power interference design


A:We can formulate a transparent conductive film that meets your specific application requirements. Please provide us with the application environment of your end product, and we will tailor a solution to your needs. You can contact us via or add WhatsApp: +86 186 2620 6898.

A: Our standard products offer low resistance and high anti-interference capabilities, with typical sheet resistance below 5Ω/□

A: Our standard products are suitable for temperatures ranging from -20°C to +75°C. For special applications, we can also provide products for -40°C to 90°C.

A: Depending on product size and application, our products support a glass thickness range of 0.55mm to 10mm.

A: Typical delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Delivery times may vary depending on product complexity.

A: Yes, we offer shelf products available for purchase without additional development costs.

A: Our transparent conductive films can be customized to meet special requirements such as high humidity or exposure to corrosive gases.

A: Our products typically offer over 89% transparency. In special cases, we can achieve over 92% transparency while controlling reflection for an enhanced user experience. Transparency can be adjusted as needed to meet your specific requirements.

A: Yes, our transparent conductive films offer excellent processability, allowing for bending and other secondary processing operations to meet your production needs.

A: We provide products ranging from 3.5 inches to 86 inches, with 98-inch products currently in trial production.

A: Prices vary based on quantity requirements. Please contact us for a quote.

A: ITO is a common touch screen solution, but it faces challenges in terms of high resistance, low transmittance, and contamination in the production process.

Nano-silver films offer high transparency, but it carries a higher risk of “silver migration,” relatively high resistance, and contamination in the production process.

Copper mesh is a cost-effective option with relatively low resistance, but it has contamination in the production process and lower anti-interference resistance.

Our silver mesh, using an AD film structure, offers low resistance, high anti-interference capability, contamination-free production, and a seamless roll-to-roll manufacturing process.

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