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Medical equipment equipped with touch panel


IVS-Tech Touch Panels

The IVS-Tech Medical Touch Panels integrate cutting-edge capacitive touch technology with essential healthcare features, including compliance with IP-22 and IEC 60601-1 standards. Their ultra-thin design and robust construction make them perfect for surgical equipment, diagnostic devices, patient monitoring systems, respiratory and medication dispensing devices, and laboratory use.


Product Advantages

Exclusive Technology:

Utilizes proprietary technology to deliver high-quality touch panels produced with eco-friendly methods, reducing environmental impact.

Ultra-thin and Lightweight:

With a thickness of just 0.05mm, these panels are designed to be thinner and lighter, offering superior clarity, responsiveness, and ease of integration into various devices.

Advanced Touch Capabilities:

Supports touch operations with medical gloves and gel, ensuring reliable performance even in wet environments, making them ideal for medical applications.

Anti-bacterial Properties:

Built with anti-bacterial materials to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, crucial for medical settings.

High Compatibility:

Widely used in medical devices such as patient monitors, ECG machines, and ventilators, demonstrating versatility and reliability.

Versatile Solutions


IVS-Tech’s touch panels are ultra-thin and responsive, ensuring precise control of surgical equipment, thus improving surgical efficiency and safety. They comply with IP-22 and IEC 60601-1 standards, ensuring safety and reliability in medical environments.

IVS-Tech’s touch panels provide clear and accurate operation interfaces for medical diagnostic equipment. With high-resolution and high-sensitivity displays, you can easily conduct detailed analysis and diagnosis.

IVS-Tech’s touch panels ensure accurate, real-time information display for patient monitoring equipment. With their ultra-thin design and high responsiveness, you can easily access patient data, improving monitoring efficiency.

Information Display Equipment

Upgrade your medical information systems with IVS-Tech’s touch panels, offering clear and user-friendly display interfaces. With large, clear screens, they facilitate the conveyance of medical information, enhancing efficiency and communication in medical environments.

touch panel used in Information Display Equipment

Cutting-edge Touch Panel Capabilities

  • Size: Medium (Up to 32 inches)
  • Thickness: 0.05mm
  • Touching: Capacitive
  • Glass Surface Coating: Anti-fingerprint (AF)
ivs-t touch panel used in healthcare
touch panel
  • Silicate Glass: Main components are Sodium Oxide (Na2O), Calcium Oxide (CaO), and Silica (SiO2).
  • Alumina Silicate Glass: Main components are Al2O3 and SiO2, with glass transmittance >91%.
  • Lithium Silicate Glass: Surface hardness up to 9H, glass transmittance >92%.
  • Bonding: OCA Bonding
  • Low specular and diffuse reflection design
  • Professional industry touch chips
  • Support medical gloves and gel touch
  • Anti-biosis
  • Support operation with water
Leading Workshop

Factory Overview

Our company operates from two cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.
In Suzhou, we have a sprawling 100,000-square-meter space, including 6,000 square meters of Class 10,000 cleanrooms and 200 square meters of Class 100 cleanrooms.

- 01

10 Years of Expertise, Custom Solutions

With a decade of experience and 20+ Ph.D. experts, we provide standard and custom touch panel solutions, quickly meeting your needs and helping you expand your market.

- 02

30% Cost Savings,
Efficient Production

Our in-house mold development and roll-to-roll process cut production costs by 30%, improving product quality and market competitiveness.

- 03

100% In-House Production, Stable Supply Chain

We control the production of equipment, molds, materials, sensors, and touch panels, ensuring a stable and reliable supply chain.

- 04

Senior partners, comprehensive after-sales support

Serving industry leaders such as Fendt and Dräger, providing comprehensive after-sales support. Overseas engineers on-site testing, one-year warranty, fast replacement or repair.

Customer Case


IVS-Tech partners with renowned German healthcare brand Dräger to deliver high-quality touch panel solutions for their ventilators. Our panels feature low reflection design, antimicrobial properties, and support for medical gloves and gel touch, meeting the demanding requirements of medical environments. Through this collaboration, Dräger successfully integrated our products, enhancing device performance and user experience.