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Why Use IVS-T Ad-Film for Your Industrial Touch Screen?

Today’s world is dominated by digital interactions. No wonder touch screens have found their way into a myriad of devices in every imaginable industry.

As every industrial touch screen manufacturer strives to get ahead of their competitors—the importance of high-quality visuals can’t be overstated—they look into elements that could further enhance the user experience.

Enter IVS-Tech and their cutting-edge IVS-T Ad-Film, a revolutionary solution poised to transform touch screen interactions.

Unparalleled Visual Clarity

One of the standout features of IVS-T Ad-Film is its ability to deliver unparalleled visual clarity. In a world where attention spans are fleeting, crisp and vibrant visuals are crucial to capturing and retaining the viewer’s interest. 

Whether it’s a sleek interface on a cutting-edge gadget or an interactive display in a public space, the IVS-T Ad-Film ensures that every pixel is a masterpiece, elevating the user experience to new heights.

Comparison of Ad-Film vs Others:

ITONano AgNWsMetal MeshAd Film

Flexibility Beyond Boundaries

Unlike ITO, which relies on rigid and brittle materials, IVS-T Ad-Film embraces flexibility beyond traditional constraints. 

The film-based structure of IVS-T Ad-Film allows it to conform to various shapes and sizes, opening up a world of possibilities for manufacturers. Whether it’s curved displays, flexible gadgets, or unconventional touch screen applications, IVS-T Ad-Film bends and adapts, offering a level of versatility that other choices struggle to match.

Comparison of Ad-Film vs Others:

ITONano AgNWsMetal MeshAd Film
FlexibilityNot foldableFoldable, but with impact on circuit performanceFoldable, but with impact on circuit performanceBest folding endurance

Conductivity Without Compromise

Conductivity is the lifeblood of touch screens, and IVS-T Ad-Film excels in this regard. Unlike ITO, which can exhibit reduced conductivity as screens become larger, IVS-T Ad-Film maintains exceptional conductivity across a spectrum of sizes. 

With IVS-T Ad Film, users can expect consistent and reliable touch responsiveness, eliminating the compromises associated with diminishing conductivity in larger ITO-based screens.

Metal mesh technology, while an improvement over ITO in some aspects, comes with its own set of challenges, such as reduced transparency and potential signal interference. IVS-T Ad-Film mitigates these issues by providing high conductivity without sacrificing transparency. The film-based structure ensures that touch screens remain clear and vibrant, offering an unobtrusive user experience while delivering the conductivity required for seamless touch interactions.

Comparison of Ad-Film vs Others:

ITONano AgNWsMetal MeshAd Film
Conductivity(Ω/m2 )10050<10<3

An Industrial Touch Screen Manufacturer You Can Trust

IVS-Tech’s Ad-film is a game-changer. It has less OCA layer and glue time which means both material and process costs are lower.

And with 0.2mm vs GFF 0.8mm, we offer the thinnest and narrowest frame (trace 20um/20um, 55”, 5.1mm) in the industry. Its massive mature program with IC is suitable for different LCD and OLED brands.

With all these specs, Ad-Film is what every device needs to win. Get in touch with us today or visit our website to learn more about ad-film!


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