Top 5 Industrial Touch Screen Manufacturers 

industrial touch screen

Industrial touch screens are a vital component in many applications—from factory automation and control panels to medical equipment and interactive kiosks.  

You need to look at the manufacturer to find the best industrial touch screen in the market. Who are these manufacturers? In our opinion, the top 5 industrial touch screen manufacturers are Eizo Corp, Elo Touch Solutions, IVS-Tech, Advantech Co., Ltd., and Siemens AG.

Here’s an overview of these leading manufacturers in the industry, along with some key considerations when making your selection:

1.  EIZO Corporation

EIZO, a Japanese multinational, is renowned for its high-quality industrial displays. Their touch screens are known for exceptional durability, clarity, and color accuracy. 

They cater to diverse industrial environments, offering options with dustproof and waterproof enclosures, making them ideal for demanding applications.

2.  Elo Touch Solutions

Elo Touch Solutions is a pioneer in the touch screen industry. They offer a vast selection of industrial-grade touch displays. Their products are known for their reliability, responsiveness, and long lifespans. 

Elo caters to various industries, including automation, retail, and healthcare, with a wide range of screen sizes, technologies (including projected capacitive and surface acoustic waves), and mounting options.

3.  IVS-Tech

IVS-Tech has been in the business of industrial touch displays for over 20 years. They offer one of the best price-to-performance products which they have achieved through in-house mold development and exclusive roll-to-roll production processes.

They’re also one of the few that offers customized solutions and stable supply chain so clients are guaranteed of uninterrupted production, regardless of market shifts.

4.  Advantech Co., Ltd.

Advantech is a Taiwanese multinational that provides a comprehensive range of industrial automation solutions. Their touch screen displays are known for their rugged construction, advanced features like glove compatibility, and integration with various industrial control systems. They cater to factory automation, transportation, and other industrial applications requiring high performance and reliability.

5.  Siemens AG

Siemens, a global industrial giant, offers a variety of touch screen displays under their Simatic HMI (Human Machine Interface) product line. These displays are designed for industrial control and automation applications. Siemens offers various screen sizes and functionalities, ensuring compatibility with diverse industrial needs. Their strength lies in seamless integration with Siemens’ broader automation ecosystem.

Choosing the Right Industrial Touch Screen Manufacturer

Beyond the names listed above, there are other reputable manufacturers offer industrial touch screens. When considering which industrial touch screen to purchase, consider: 

  • The specific needs of your application—Do you require a display for a sterile environment like a medical cleanroom?  Or a sunlight-readable option for outdoor use? Different industries have varying demands.
  • The type of touch screen you needProjected capacitive (PCAP) screens are widely used due to their responsiveness and multi-touch capabilities. However, resistive touch screens might be suitable for applications requiring glove compatibility or operation in harsh environments.
  •  Look for displays with dustproof and waterproof enclosures for areas prone to contaminants or moisture. Consider operating temperature ranges and impact resistance for environments with extreme conditions.

By carefully evaluating these factors and researching the offerings of various manufacturers, including those listed above, you can select the ideal industrial touch screen solution for your specific needs. 

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