5 Leading Medical Touch Screen Manufacturers

Discover the top 5 medical touch screen manufacturers offering high-quality, durable products with antimicrobial, glove-friendly and waterproof features to meet healthcare needs.
Medical Touch Screen

Touch-enabled displays are transforming point-of-care delivery and patient engagement with intuitive controls, easy cleaning and streamlined clinical workflows. As medical devices embrace touch capabilities, selecting an experienced provider is key. 

This article will explore top 5 leading manufacturers when it comes to best touch screen monitors for medical purposes!

Medical Touch Screen – Top 5 Manufacturers

These five manufacturers offer exceptional reliability and customization for healthcare applications:

1. IVS-Tech

As an emerging leader in touch technologies since 2012, China’s IVS-Tech leverages unique in-house engineering across Micro Nano design, flexible circuit production and precision display assembly. Their technical capabilities and quality standards have secured partnerships with leading monitor and panel brands worldwide.

IVS-Tech’s specialized R&D focuses on tailoring touch solutions to demanding medical environments. Features like antimicrobial touch glass withstand frequent sanitization while customized firmware facilitates unique integration needs. Their flexible manufacturing facilitates small batches to enterprise orders while ensuring clinical reliability.

2. Elo Touch Solutions

With over five decades designing interactive interfaces, Elo Touch remains an industry leader providing trusted components worldwide. Their expansive catalog of touch glass, film and controller options enables tailored solutions across tablet, desktop, interactive signage and all-in-one designs.

Elo’s hardware and expertise readily accommodate healthcare requirements such as infection control surfaces, patient privacy filters and glove/stylus modes. Their global regulatory experience also ensures compliant end products. For unmatched selection and customization capabilities, Elo is a proven touch innovator.

3. AD Metro

This leading North American touch OEM/ODM provider distills over 30 years’ experience into specialized expertise for kiosks, industrial controls, retail displays and medical apps. AD Metro’s ISO-certified operations facilitate tailored solutions combining responsive sensors, durable glass construction and unique device integration.

With their nimble design engineering and factory coordination, AD Metro readily prototypes and scales solutions to meet healthcare stakeholders’ needs. This makes them ideal for smart beds, patient monitoring systems, diagnostic devices and other specialty applications. Their components add interactivity while meeting clinical safety and disinfection protocols.

4. BOE Technology

As a pioneering leader driving China’s advanced display industry onto the global stage, BOE leverages vertically integrated R&D and enormous production capacity to push display innovation further. Their LCD and flexible AMOLED panels and modules lead multiple mobile and IoT markets today.

For medical devices, BOE’s tactile screen showcases robust performance for around-the-clock hospital use while facilitating unique specifications like high brightness, responsive stylus modes and antimicrobial finishes. OEMs worldwide trust BOE’s breakthrough engineering and rigorous quality control to enhance their end products.

5. LG Display

Korea’s LG Display commands global influence across TV, desktop monitor and healthcare touch screens – large and small. As an early developer of groundbreaking display technologies like ultra-thin bezels and flexible OLED panels, LG Display is also helping usher in the future of medical displays.

LG’s R&D prowess around high pixel density, HDR imaging and customizable touch solutions aims to revolutionize imaging diagnostics and patient engagement. With advanced manufacturing driving down costs, the next generation of intuitive clinical displays looks brighter thanks to LG’s technology leadership.


As medical devices become more interactive, specialized touch manufacturers like IVS-Tech enable the unique integration and durability demands of clinical environments. By partnering with IVS-Tech, OEMs can meet healthcare’s present and future touch interface needs with customization and quality.

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