6 Best Automotive Touch Screen Factories

As vehicles embrace connectivity and driver-assistance features, responsive touch screens are becoming essential. Explore the expertise of leading automotive touch screen manufacturers like IVS-Tech and ADLINK.
Automotive Touch Screen

As vehicles become more connected and driver-assistance features advance, responsive in-car touch capabilities are now essential. Integrating reliable, customized touch solutions into modern automotive interiors demands experienced partners up to the task. 

In this article, we will explore 6 well-known automotive touch screen manufacturers out there!

Automotive Touch Screen Technology – Top 6 Factories

These 6 leading manufacturers have the specialized expertise and capacity to deliver:

1. IVS-Tech

Founded in 2012, China’s IVS-Tech leverages fully-integrated R&D and production of touch sensors, firmware and glass bonding to provide bespoke automotive offerings. Their testing and quality controls ensure flawless performance through extreme temperatures, nonstop vibration, and years of heavy usage.

IVS-Tech also facilitates small-batch prototyping to high-volume production with personalized specs for screen sizes, multi-touch gestures, and unique integration needs. For purpose-built vehicle touch solutions, IVS-Tech brings customization and reliability unmatched in the industry.

2. Touch International

New Jersey-based Touch International manufactures specialized touch sensors, displays and all-in-one systems engineered specifically for rugged in-vehicle deployment. Their optical bonding, glass finishing and silicon molding contain costs while meeting auto OEM standards.

Touch International also helps simplify implementation with plug-and-play LCD replacement kits upgrading existing automotive touch screen display with multi-touch capabilities. Client support continues post-sale from U.S. facilities providing installation assistance to warranty repairs. Their focus on automotive shines through.

3. Comark

As a leading U.S. manufacturer of rugged computing solutions for over 30 years, Comark empowers heavy-duty vehicle fleets with touchscreen panel systems purpose-built to endure extreme working environments. Their high-contrast displays facilitate touchscreen usability even in direct sunlight while strengthened glass withstands jolts.

Integrated Comark computers also consolidate fleet hardware for simpler maintenance. Weatherproof, shock-absorbing enclosures protect components from dust, debris, and accidents. For unmatched ruggedization touching all bases, Comark delivers.

4. Elite Technology

Headquartered in Florida, Elite Technology distills expertise in high-volume automation and specialized molding processes into quality American-made touch sensors. Their meticulous manufacturing engineering facilitates exceptional consistency and cost-effectiveness – ideal for bringing new vehicle models to market.

Elite also provides comprehensive pre-and post-sale support around design refinements, production launches and ongoing quality management. Their attentive process refinements ensure flawless touch performance for the long haul.

5. Capital Industries

Wisconsin’s Capital Industries supports complex automotive production via customized mechanical systems integrating the latest touch capabilities. Their in-house engineering design, machining, assembly, and testing enable turnkey vehicle interior lines to be fine-tuned for specific models.

Fixtures produced by Capital simplify touch sensor alignment during windshield bonding. Ergonomic workstations optimize workflows applying touch displays. With over 65 years of experience driving manufacturing innovation, Capital delivers complete solutions.


As a leading Taiwan-based manufacturer of rugged industrial computers and IoT edge devices, ADLINK empowers future mobility with integrated systems running complex software driving vehicle automation and connectivity. Their ADLINK EdgeTM solutions consolidate and streamline in-car computing for everything from digital cockpits to self-driving capabilities.

With unrelenting quality testing and global technical support, ADLINK technology forms the resilient backbone of next-generation touch experiences. Their advancements help steer the automotive sector into an intelligent, interactive future.


As touchscreens become integral automotive interfaces, IVS-Tech provides the specialized expertise required to excel in this unique environment. By collaborating with IVS-Tech, automakers, and suppliers can integrate customized and durable touch solutions for today’s connected vehicles demand.

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