Top 8 Interactive Flat Panel Display Factories

Evaluate the capabilities of the top 8 interactive flat panel display manufacturers to find the perfect solution for your organization's collaborative needs. From IVS-Tech's precision touch technology to Boxlight's sleek design, discover the ideal provider for your team.
Interactive Flat Panel Display used in education

Interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) have revolutionized modern collaboration with their expansive real estate, touch capabilities and dynamic annotation features. But choosing the right IFPD provider is key to getting a high-performing, reliable solution suited for your needs. 

In this article, we will talk about 8 well-known interactive flat panel display factories that you need to know!

Interactive Flat Panel Display – Top 8 Factories

Here are eight top options to consider:

1. IVS-Tech

As an IFPD specialist since 2012, China-based IVS-Tech leverages unique in-house Micro Nano design and production technologies for unmatched quality. Their flexible touch film circuits lead the industry in precision and sensitivity for flawless annotation. Attention to detail even extends to aluminum frames and commercial-grade panel materials.

For exceptional responsiveness, versatile software integrations and solutions scalable from meeting rooms to auditoriums, IVS-Tech remains the gold standard. Their focus and expertise around crafting premium interactive experiences shines through in every crisp, durable flat touch panel resistive.

2. BenQ

Founded in Taiwan as an offshoot of Acer, BenQ has grown into a powerhouse consumer electronics brand over the past three decades. They were early pioneers of lightweight DLP projector technology before expanding into professional displays. BenQ flat panels showcase rich color performance and seamless wireless connectivity for dynamic presentations.

3. Boxlight

Hailing from Washington state, Boxlight produces its lineup of high-end IFPDs locally with an emphasis on product design. Their systems earn frequent awards for sleek aesthetics housing best-in-class components. Boxlight’s U.S.-based engineers employ quality control throughout manufacturing.

4. Egan Visual

As a renowned visual communication solutions provider for over 60 years, Egan Visual offers unmatched legacy experience in crafting projection and display technologies. Their commercial-grade IFPD solutions leverage decades of expertise optimizing brightness, contrast and viewing angles in mission-critical environments.

5. Hitachi

As one of Japan’s oldest and largest multinational corporations, Hitachi draws on over a century of engineering prowess in fields from construction equipment to high-speed rail networks. Their proven research and development capabilities now extend to cutting-edge display products combining reliability with intuitive operation.

6. Julong

China’s Julong brand focuses specifically on developing IFPDs for 21st century classroom environments. Their solutions aim to foster more immersive, engaging instruction through expansive multi-touch surfaces. Students and teachers alike benefit from intuitive annotation capabilities.

7. Promethean

Tracing its roots to early 90s interactive whiteboard development, Promethean has over 20 years’ experience driving interactive learning environments. Their ActivPanel line brings that expertise to flat resistance touch screens, sized appropriately for classrooms and computer labs. Student-friendly annotation modes facilitate group activities.

8. Shenzhen In-Display

As an established touch screen LCD manufacturer and leading OEM/ODM partner in China, Shenzhen In-Display handles advanced flat panel engineering from initial concepts to high-volume production. Their vertically integrated model allows optimizing designs for responsive touch capabilities and seamless integration.


With the right IFPD model matching your performance, software and budget needs, your organization can drive more meaningful discussions and dynamic presentations. The providers above represent some of the most innovative options available globally. Evaluate their capabilities to determine the best interactive flat panel display for achieving your teamwork goals.

If you are looking for a IFPD model for your business, get in touch with IVS-Tech today!

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