Selecting the Right Industrial Touch Display: A Guide for Businesses

A doctor looking at a medical-grade touch panel display

At IVS-Tech, we understand the critical role industrial touch displays play in streamlining operations across various sectors. Industrial touch displays aren’t created equal and what fits for a specific industry might not fit in another.

This guide will help you select the right industrial touch display that’s right for each industry. Let’s begin.

Understanding Your Application

The first step is identifying the primary function of the industrial touch display. Here’s a breakdown of popular applications and their ideal display solutions:

  • In Manufacturing

In manufacturing, the environment varies depending on the specific industry and the product being produced. However, some of their common characteristics are temperature extremes, exposure to dust and particles, vibration and shock, and varying light conditions.

In such rugged conditions, you need to pick sealed displays with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating that can resist dust, liquids, and other contaminants commonly found in factories.  

Resistive touch technology offers a reliable response even when gloved hands are used, making it perfect for production lines. High-brightness displays ensure optimal visibility under harsh lighting conditions.

  • In The Medical Field

In the medical sector, strict hygiene protocols are essential. Medical-grade touch displays boast anti-microbial properties that impede the growth of bacteria. These displays are typically compliant with medical safety standards and easy to clean with disinfectants. They are easy to clean and disinfect too.

Consider displays with projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology for superior responsiveness and multi-touch functionality. PCAP also has a high-quality image display, excellent color accuracy, and high contrast ratios that provide accurate image presentation. This allows medical professionals to view medical scans, X-rays, and other visuals with exceptional detail and clarity which is critical for diagnoses and procedures.  

  • Retail and Public Kiosks

Engaging visuals and ease of use are key in retail and public kiosks. You need high-resolution displays with wide viewing angles to ensure captivating content that attracts customers.  

PCAP touch technology provides a smooth user experience for browsing menus or interacting with digital signage.  Displays with kiosk-mode capabilities allow for content management and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Food Service

Waterproof and easy-to-clean surfaces are crucial in the food service industry.  Displays with sealed enclosures and IP65 or higher ratings can withstand spills and splashes commonly encountered in kitchens and restaurants.  

Surface capacitive touch technology offers a responsive touch experience even when wet, perfect for gloved hands. Consider displays with bezel-free designs for a sleek aesthetic and easier cleaning.

Industrial Touch Displays for Different Applications

How do you select the right industrial touch display for your business? To choose the right touch display, you need to first evaluate your application and operational environment to narrow down your options.
At IVS-Tech, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial touch displays catering to diverse needs and applications. Need further help? Contact us to discuss your requirements today!  


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