What Is Resistive Industrial Touch Display?

Resistive Industrial Touch Display

Touchscreens are an essential tool, the gap that bridges machines and systems. One of the most reliable and well-established touchscreen technologies today is resistive touch displays.  

At IVS-Tech, a leading B2B manufacturer of industrial touch displays, we understand the importance of choosing the right technology for your specific application.  

This blog dives into the world of resistive touch displays and some of its top manufacturers

Resistive Touch Technology Simplified

A resistive touch display comprises two thin, flexible layers separated by a small air gap. The top layer is usually made of a durable plastic material, while the bottom layer is a glass substrate coated with a conductive layer.  

When there is pressure on the top layer, it comes into contact with the bottom layer, completing an electrical circuit at the point of touch. The touchscreen controller, then, detects the change in voltage and translates it into the X and Y coordinates of the touch event.

Resistive touch displays are durable, easy to integrate into existing systems, require minimal maintenance, are affordable, and offer a wide range of touch input compatibility

Types of Resistive Touch Displays

Resistive touch displays can be categorized based on the number of wires used to connect the layers:

  • 4-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

These are the most common types of resistive touch screens. They use two wires per layer to detect the X and Y coordinates of the touch point.

  • 5-Wire Resistive Touchscreens
  • These offer slightly higher accuracy using separate wires for positive and negative voltage detection on each layer.
  • 8-Wire Resistive Touchscreens

The least common type, these utilize four wires per layer for even greater touch precision.

Resistive Touch Screen Manufacturers

Several manufacturers specialize in producing high-quality resistive touch displays for industrial and commercial applications: 


This Swiss company offers a variety of standard and advanced resistive touch screen technologies, alongside touchscreen controllers.


As a leading B2B manufacturer, IVS-Tech offers a wide range of industrial touch displays, including resistive models. They provide robust and reliable solutions, ensuring our displays meet the specific needs of each application.

Nelson Miller Group

Nelson Miller Group manufactures custom resistive touchscreens for diverse industrial applications.

RSP Inc.

Specializing in custom touch screen solutions, RSP Inc. offers both digital and analog resistive touch displays alongside capacitive options.

When choosing a resistive touch screen manufacturer for your industrial or commercial needs, consider factors such as product portfolio, customization options, durability, and certifications.

The Right Resistive Touch Display Manufacturer

We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of resistive touch displays. We offer a combination of quality, customization options, and dedicated customer support.  


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