Mounting Options and Configurations of Industrial Touch Displays

Industrial Touch Displays

Industrial touch displays are the workhorses of countless applications. They help drive efficiency and user interaction across various industries. 

But beyond the display itself, its placement and configurability are crucial factors in maximizing its effectiveness. What are the mounting options and configurations of industrial touch displays

Understanding Your Application

The ideal mounting solution depends on several key factors:

  • Environment

Is your display battling dust, moisture, or extreme temperatures? NEMA-sealed displays from IVS-Tech can handle the toughest conditions.

  • Space Constraints

Limited space? There are low-profile and panel-mount options that offer space-saving solutions.

  • Interaction Needs

Does your application demand single or multi-touch functionality? There are a variety of touch technologies to suit your requirements.

  • Viewing Angles

Do users need a clear view from various positions? You need an industrial touch display that has wide viewing angles for optimal visibility.

Mounting Solutions

Panel Mount

This popular choice seamlessly integrates into control panels, dashboards, kiosks, and vending machines, providing a clean and professional look for space-saving applications.

VESA Mount

The industry-standard VESA mount offers a universal solution for wall or arm mounting, providing flexibility and adjustability for optimal viewing angles.

Desktop Stand

For convenient desktop placement, our sturdy desktop stands to provide a stable base for interacting with the touchscreen. Ideal for workstations, reception areas, and point-of-sale applications.

Pole Mount

Need to display information in public areas? Pole mounts offer a secure solution for displaying wayfinding signage, menus, and interactive directories.

Suspension Mount

This option allows for hanging the display from ceilings or overhead structures, perfect for situations where space limitations prevent wall or panel mounting.

Configurability for Enhanced Functionality

Beyond mounting, there are also various configuration options to tailor the display to your specific needs.


Choose from standard plastic bezels or upgrade to high-grade metal bezels for added protection in harsh environments.

Customizable Buttons

Integrate additional control buttons for specific functions, enhancing user interaction and simplifying operation.

Anti-Glare Coatings

Reduce glare and improve readability in bright light conditions, ideal for applications like outdoor kiosks or brightly lit factories.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Protect your display from electromagnetic interference commonly found in industrial settings.

Applications in Action

Here are some examples of how mounting options and configurations:

  • Manufacturing Floor

Panel-mount displays integrated into control panels allow operators to monitor production data and adjust settings with a touch.

  • Retail Point-of-Sale

Desktop touchscreens with customizable buttons expedite checkout processes and provide an enhanced customer experience.

  • Public Kiosks

VESA-mounted displays with anti-glare coatings deliver clear information in public areas exposed to sunlight.

  • Hospitality Industry

Interactive touchscreens mounted on poles in hotel lobbies offer guests convenient access to wayfinding information and local attractions.

Finding the Perfect Solution

By understanding your application’s unique needs, IVS-Tech can recommend the perfect combination of mounting options and configurations for your industrial touch display. We offer expert consultations, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing systems.

Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs and ensure a successful integration. Contact us today!


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