How to Safely Clean an Industrial Touch Display

Industrial Touch Display

Industrial touch screens are vital tools in many workplaces. They provide clear visuals and responsive operation in demanding environments, from factories and warehouses to public spaces.  

However, daily use can leave behind fingerprints, dust, and grime, impacting performance and clarity.  Unlike your average phone or tablet, cleaning these specialized displays requires specific techniques to avoid scratches, reduced sensitivity, or even permanent damage.

This guide equips you with the knowledge to safely and effectively clean your industrial touch screen display, ensuring it delivers superior performance for many years to come.

Cleaning Strategies for Different Scenarios

Light Dust and Fingerprints

  • Start with a touchscreen cleaner such as a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust and loose particles.
  • If fingerprints persist, dampen the cloth with a small amount of distilled water. Wipe gently in straight lines or circular motions. Alternatively, you can use touch screen cleaning wipes specifically formulated for their displays. These pre-moistened wipes remove dust, fingerprints, and light grime without harming the touch screen’s surface.  
  • Avoid excessive pressure, as this can damage the touch screen’s surface.

Grime and Stains

  • If a dry or damp microfiber cloth isn’t enough, refer to your display manual for approved cleaning solutions.
  • Never use household cleaners, ammonia-based products, or abrasive cloths. These can cause permanent damage to the touch screen’s protective coating.
  • If using a pre-moistened wipe, ensure it’s approved for touch screens. Wipe gently in a single direction to avoid spreading dirt.
  • After using any cleaning solution, follow up with a dry microfiber cloth to remove any residue.

Additional Tips for Optimal Cleaning

  • Don’t spray directly onto the screen. Always dampen the cleaning cloth first, then wipe the display. Avoid letting any liquid seep into the edges or bezels.
  • Clean regularly. Develop a cleaning routine to prevent dust and grime buildup. For high-traffic areas, consider daily cleaning.
  • Train your staff. Proper cleaning techniques are crucial. Educate your staff on the approved methods to avoid accidental damage.

Maintaining a Crystal-Clear Touch Experience

By following these simple steps and recommendations, you can effectively clean your industrial touch display without compromising its performance or longevity. For displays with special coatings or unique cleaning requirements, always refer to your display manual for specific instructions.

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